Lakeisha Ethans

Being a proud French dog parent who's been fascinated with canines since she was a child, Lakeisha has always been drawn to their loyalty, playfulness, and unconditional love. She believes that dogs are some of the most beautiful souls on earth. She's had the privilege of parenting a few dogs throughout her life, and each one has brought their own unique personality and joy into her home. From a protective German Shepherd to a goofy Frenchie, each one has left a memorable mark on her heart! Overall, she believes that dogs are not just pets but valuable family members. They provide us with companionship, comfort, and endless entertainment, and she believes that we're lucky to have them in our lives. When Lakeisha isn't writing, she's most likely playing fetch, going out for a walk, or just basking in the sun's glory with her Frenchie, Coco.

Lakeisha Ethans - Top Frenchie
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