Choosing the Perfect French Bulldog Puppy: Expert Guide

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French Bulldog puppies aren’t just very cute. They are also big business today! The sale of a French Bulldog puppy can represent thousands of dollars in the breeder’s pocket.

Why do we mention this unpleasant fact up front? Because if you’re looking to buy a French Bulldog puppy you have to do your research and find a reputable French Bulldog puppy breeder. This is the only way to avoid falling prey to puppy mill scams that breed unhealthy Frenchie puppies.

French Bulldog Paw Care Tips - Top Frenchie
Researching reputable French Bulldog Breeders can be the most crucial step in choosing a French Bulldog Puppy.

Researching Reputable French Bulldog Breeders

The information included in this article can absolutely help you in your quest to identify a reputable, responsible, health-focused French Bulldog breeder that can sell you a healthy Frenchie puppy.

Identifying Responsible French Bulldog Breeders

A responsible French Bulldog breeder will demonstrate a consistent commitment to breeding healthy, happy puppies. What does this mean, exactly? Read on for specifics.

Commitment to breed health and temperament

Responsible breeders will voluntarily conduct pre-mating genetic health tests and participate in health oversight and research organizations like CHIC, the Canine Health Information Center database.

Adherence to breed standards

Responsible Frenchie breeders will voluntarily provide proof of purebred registry with the appropriate oversight organization. A reputable breeder will also provide you, the new owner, with a copy of your puppy’s registration records.

Proper care and socialization of puppies

Responsible French Bulldog breeders will provide new puppy owners with a comprehensive packet including (but not limited to) puppy registration and pedigree certification, proof of microchip, veterinary clearance, remaining vaccination schedule, initial good health guarantee, take-back guarantee and food recommendations.

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French Bulldogs for sale from multiple litters from the same breed may be a red flag

Red Flags to Avoid When Buying a French Bulldog Puppy

As we mentioned earlier here, the more popular the dog breed, the more likely puppy mills are to take advantage of that breed’s popularity to scam buyers.

As of time of publication, the Frenchie is now the number one most popular dog in the United States – a record previously held for over three decades by the Labrador Retriever!  

This means you need to know each of these red flags for unscrupulous breeders backward and forwards when searching for a French Bulldog puppy.

Unsanitary or overcrowded living conditions

Any dog breeder that operates online only and/or will not permit you to see their operation and meet your puppy’s parents in person is a red flag of a possible puppy mill operation.

Multiple litters from the same breeder available simultaneously

Any dog breeder that advertises multiple litters of puppies for sale or back-to-back or year-round litters of puppies for sale may be operating as a French Bulldog puppy mill.

Unwillingness to provide pedigree and health records

Any dog breeder that sells Frenchie puppies without proof of registration, pedigree, proof of pre-mating health clearances and proof of puppy clean bill of health is a potential puppy mill. 

A “great deal” on the price of a puppy is one of the top red flags to watch for – if it seems too good to be true, exercise extreme caution.

Questions To Ask A French Bulldog Breeder

French Bulldog puppy mill breeders are literally counting on demand for Frenchie puppies to ensure they never have to answer any questions about how they breed and supply their puppies. In other words, unless you ask, they will never tell. So you must ask!

Inquiries about breed-specific health concerns

A health-focused, responsible French Bulldog breeder will care about the health of the breed itself, their personal breeding lineage and the puppy you are purchasing. 

This type of breeder is happy to answer questions about known genetic French Bulldog health concerns, especially the tendency towards serious lifelong health issues such as BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome).

These breeders may even volunteer this vital information before you ask!

Information on the French Bulldog’s parents and their history

Reputable Frenchie breeders are proud of their breeding stock and happy to provide historical data, including conformation and temperament awards and purebred pedigree lineages.

Expectations for potential French Bulldog owners

French Bulldog breeders that care about their operation and its reputation will have their own pre-screening protocols for prospective puppy buyers. In other words, they don’t sell to just anyone and they will screen you.

Pre-screening protocols may include an agreement to limitations on breeding rights, purchase of pet insurance, proof of initial veterinary exam requirements and more.

Evaluating the Litter and The Puppy

Because demand for French Bulldog puppies has reached an all-time high, you may find yourself challenged to locate a reputable breeder that isn’t already operating on a waitlist, complete with pre-sale puppy deposits. 

However, if possible, try your best to check off each of these boxes before committing to purchase a Frenchie puppy.

Observing Litter Dynamics

Litter dynamics is a fancy way of saying you need to check to be sure the puppies get along with each other and the mother dog…not to mention new human guests like you!

Interaction between puppies

Appropriate puppy behavior is an indication that puppies have been permitted to remain with the mother dog and each other long enough to get some socialization pre-training under their belts.

French Bulldog Socialization & temperment - Top Frenchie

Puppy socialization and early development

Puppies go through two fear periods as they grow up. The first period is from 8 to 11 weeks and the second period is from 6 to 14 months. 

Puppies that are properly fed, handled and socialized will demonstrate basic self-confidence and a playful nature when you bring them home. This will help them successfully weather the fear periods, especially the first one that begins about the time they come home with you.

French Bulldog Puppy Temperament Assessment

You should know going in how to assess the temperament in any Frenchie puppy you are considering.

Personality traits to consider

The official French Bulldog breed standard gives you insight into basic breed temperament traits to watch for. Playful, affectionate, even-tempered, alert and active are all hallmarks of the Frenchie breed.

How To Evaluate French Bulldog Puppy Temperament

Your canine veterinarian can help with an initial temperament assessment. You can also make use of various standardized tests.

Most importantly, your breeder should provide you with your puppy’s 7-week temperament test results ideally voluntarily or at least upon request.

Physical French Bulldog Puppy Evaluation

While your canine veterinarian will be the ultimate authority when it comes to a physical evaluation, you can also do a basic evaluation at first meeting.

Appearance and conformation

Look for clear eyes and ears, healthy skin and coat and clean private areas. Also be aware that aggression or shyness can be signs of budding health issues. 

Checking for potential health concerns

French Bulldog clubs in different geographic areas can be a great resource to find local temperament, conformation and health testing resources for your new prospective Frenchie puppy.

Assessing the Compatibility of a French Bulldog Puppy with Your Lifestyle

Sure, French Bulldog puppies are adorable, affectionate and super popular! But is the Frenchie the right dog breed for you?

Activity Level and Exercise Requirements

Frenchies adapt quite readily to life in smaller spaces. Their exercise needs are moderate and they are heat-intolerant so the indoor life suits them just fine.

Time Commitment and Availability

The Frenchie may not be a natural athlete, but a puppy of any breed are always going to have more energy and need more of your time and care than an adult version of the same.

Your Frenchie puppy will need your help with potty training, mealtimes, initial and ongoing training and socialization, interactive playtime, bedtime routine, daily walks and more. It is a good idea to be sure you have sufficient time for all of this every single day before signing the breeder contract.

Preparing for Your New French Bulldog Puppy

What do you need to have on hand before your new French Bulldog puppy comes home? Let’s find out.

Essential Supplies

Reputable French Bulldog breeders should provide you with a specific list of supplies they recommend, including puppy food and transitional food for adults of the breed. The breeder may also send you home with a starter pack of food, toys, bedding and a leash or harness.

Be sure to consider carefully where you plan to place your Frenchie puppy’s bed and/or crate and plan to have these essential basics on hand for day one. 

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Puppy-proofing isn’t just a one-time activity. As fast as you puppy-proof, your puppy will show you new safety hazards you haven’t yet addressed! But child-proof latches and puppy gates will get you off to a good start.

Planning for Training and Socialization

No matter how sociable and loving your French Bulldog puppy is, they will still need to learn the “rules of the road” for how to behave around family and friends, other dogs, strangers and strange situations. 

Here again, your local French Bulldog breed club and your canine veterinarian will be excellent resources for you to find convenient puppy training and socialization classes, play groups, dog parks and other essentials.

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Making the right decision on a French Bulldog Puppy can be a wonderful experience for your family

Making the Final Decision

Sooner or later, the big moment will come – decision-time. Are you ready? How can you know for sure? 

Confirming Your Commitment

The initial price tag of acquiring your Frenchie puppy is just the start of caring for the dog breed that some owners have dubbed the “six-figure Frenchie.” So you definitely want to be sure your finances are up to the challenge – even if all you ever face is regular garden variety healthy puppy exams and care. 

Additionally, be aware that French Bulldogs frequently come with added health challenges and associated expenses. Pet insurance may help with some of these potential costs. 

Selecting the Perfect French Bulldog Puppy

Buying a puppy is a decades-long commitment – and investment. As such, you may have your exhaustive wish list of color, gender, size, pedigree and all that good stuff. But underneath it all, what matters most is good health.

A healthy puppy of any size, gender and color is much more likely to be a happy and rewarding member of your family over the long term.

Preparing for Puppy’s Arrival

If your French Bulldog breeder lives out of state, it is important to coordinate travel plans and drop-off or pick-up logistics well in advance. 

This is even more crucial for French Bulldogs, since their short (brachycephalic) muzzle shape means they typically cannot be transported via commercial airline cargo.


Becoming a pawrent is a huge commitment and you want to get started on the right foot….and paw. You can use all of the information provided in this article to do your due diligence before committing to your forever Frenchie puppy. Good luck and be sure to stop back by and let us know how it is going!

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