Travelling with French Bulldogs: 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Journey

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Whenever you travel with your French Bulldog, you must ensure stress-free car rides for both their well-being and your peace of mind. Dogs sometimes create problems during the ride and mess up your whole tour. So, you must understand what you must do to have a stress-free ride with your French Bulldogs and come prepared. 

To help you with that, we have prepared a list of 7 tips to follow when going on a countryside tour or long ride with your Frenchie.

Tips to Follow When Traveling with Your French Bulldog on Road Trip

Here are 7 tips that will assist you in having smooth travels with your beloved pet:

1. Search the Places Where You Can Take Your Dog Comfortably 

Generally, most places of interest allow dogs. It is also important to look for a hotel that allows pets inside the rooms so that you can stay comfortably. For recommendations on pet-friendly places, you may wish to speak with your travel agent or browse the internet. You should ensure that these facilities provide all the necessary amenities to make your French bulldog comfortable and provide health care for him.

Remember, every dog has different requirements when it comes to travel. Different Whippet Mixes, like the Whippet Terrier mix or the Whippet Lab mix, might have specific requirements for travel and differ from French Bulldogs.

2. Getting Used to the Car

Do they seem agitated when you take your French Bulldog to the car? The fact that they have developed a negative association with car travel is likely to explain this. There may be thoughts of boarding kennels or visits to the veterinarian on their minds. Are you considering leaving them again?

It should be treated as any other obedience training. To make sure they are comfortable with car travel, you must gradually get them used to it and reward them for appropriate behavior. You should begin by placing your French Bulldog in your car while parked in your driveway. You will not be going anywhere. During the ride, give him some treats and encourage him for a few minutes before letting him out.

For a few days, repeat the routine, gradually increasing the time spent in the parked vehicle. Take them for a short drive when you are ready, perhaps to the shopping mall and back. Taking him in the car is a good idea, even if it is just a short trip, such as a short walk to the local park. With each trip, they’ll learn that the drive is not frightening and usually means they will enjoy the destination.

Do not be in a hurry to get out of the vehicle once you have arrived at your destination. Keep rewarding him for his good behavior by patting him on the back and offering him treats! There will be no delay in him getting you into the car with that look that says, “Come on, let’s go.”

3. Pack All the Essential Items 

Take several familiar items of your French Bulldog along with you on your trip. Make sure that you pack his favorite blanket and toys in his crate. These will assist in calming any anxiety that they may be experiencing. It is not uncommon for owners to place an old T-shirt in the crate if their French Bulldog is particularly attached to them. After reaching your destination, your Frenchie will feel at home with these items.

Rather than purchasing food at your destination, pack your pet’s regular food for the trip. You may be unable to find food of that particular brand your dog likes. There is no doubt that Frenchies are fussy eaters. The trip will certainly provide you with more interesting activities than simply trying to convince them to try a new food item.

4. Check Their Overall Health and Well-Being

You should also take into account his overall health before you make any plans. Does your Frenchie seem to be in good health? Are they up to date on their vaccinations, wormings, and flea treatments? Please ensure that you pack enough medication for them if they are on any prescription medication. If you plan to travel to a place with paralysis ticks, you should consult your veterinarian about precautions.

Motion sickness is common among dogs while traveling, especially those who are young or newly born. To address this issue, please limit their food intake on the day of travel and don’t hit the road until they have digested completely what they have eaten. 

5. Don’t Let Your Frenchie Roam Freely in The Car

For your and your Frenchie’s safety, you should always use seat restraints or crates while traveling. Whatever the law may be, it is simply a matter of common sense. An animal causing the driver to lose control of a vehicle is generally against the law. Consider the example of driving while holding a pet in your lap. A pet should not even be present in the front part of a vehicle. An airbag that ruptures in the event of an accident can cause injury or death to a dog riding in the front seat, even if it is restrained.

In general, Frenchies enjoy the feeling of an open car window, especially when there is a lot of wind and outside smells that fascinate them. Regardless of whether they like this a lot, they shouldn’t be allowed to ride with their heads out of the open window. Also, most vets will discourage you from doing it because it’s going to cause eye irritation in your dog’s eyes. 

6. Enjoy the Ride and Keep a Calm Attitude

It’s essential to maintain a calm and relaxed attitude while driving. It is well known that dogs are highly perceptive, as they are capable of detecting your emotions. A stressful or anxious state of mind can easily be transmitted to your Frenchie, causing them to become uncomfortable as well. A pleasant atmosphere can be created by engaging in light conversation or playing soothing music. Your Frenchie will feel comfortable and enjoy the ride if you radiate calm and positive energy.

7. Taking Care After Arriving at the Destination

Dogs sometimes become anxious after arriving at a new location and in an unfamiliar environment. You must keep him on a leash so they don’t wander off. Keep patting him on the back and give him something to eat for distraction.

If you have gone on a trip in rural areas or villages, keep an eye out for certain things that might hurt your dog, such as barbed wires, sharp stones, or chemicals lying around. Watch every step you take. 

It is also a good idea to place a small holiday tag on his collar, just in case they run

away and becomes lost during the holiday season. The gift does not need to be expensive; it can simply be a key ring tag with a paper insert. Identify your location in the holiday area by writing it on the card.


We hope you have an enjoyable experience with your French Bulldog while going on an off-road trip this holiday season. Follow the 7 tips outlined above for a comfortable and hassle-free ride.

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