Are French Bulldogs Good with Children? (Guide For Parents)

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French Bulldog’s popularity has been on the rise in recent years, even going as far as becoming the most popular dog breed in the United States!

But are French Bulldogs good with children? This article will discuss everything you need to know about French Bulldogs and children to help you make an informed decision.

French Bulldog Temperament and Personality

French Bulldogs are generally gentle, friendly, and playful. The breed is known for its affectionate personality, which can become clingy as they share a deep bond with their owners and love to be around them all the time.

While they can be playful, they are not typically aggressive. However, they may turn to destructive behavior if they are not provided with adequate entertainment, exercise, and mental stimulation. Frenchies can be stubborn, which can make training them challenging. But with persistence and positive reinforcement techniques, they can learn tricks and good behavior.

It’s important to note that a dog’s temperament and personality are not solely determined by its breed, as other factors, such as training and upbringing, can influence a dog’s behavior. A well-trained French Bulldog, in general, is a happy, company-loving dog that gets along well with almost everyone, including other pets.

Happy Frenchie & Kid - Top Frenchie Medium
A Frenchie sharing a joyful moment with a kid

Compatibility of French Bulldogs with children

When considering whether a dog is compatible with children, the key metric to look at, in our opinion, is the dog’s temperament. According to the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS), French Bulldogs are one of the most stable dogs, having a temperament score of 96.2%. In simple terms, Frenchies are unlikely to show aggression under any uncomfortable circumstance.

Children, especially younger ones, tend to be aggressive when playing with dogs. They may scream, pinch, or hug the dog too tightly. Some dogs may react defensively to these behaviors if they feel intimidated or frightened. The French Bulldog’s high temperament means it can tolerate children’s excesses without resulting in aggression.

Aside from their high temperament, Frenchies are known for their playful and cuddly nature. This makes them compatible with children, as the duo will have a swell time keeping each other entertained.

Benefits of French Bulldogs as Family Pets

French Bulldogs are ideal pets for most families as they can provide companionship, entertainment, and love. Here are some of the benefits of having a French Bulldog as a family pet:

French Bulldogs tend to have strong bonds with family members

French Bulldogs love to be around their families and are known to develop close relationships with them. They genuinely care for their owners and can be protective of them.

In general, French Bulldogs are adaptable to various living situations

French Bulldogs can fit into any living condition, making them an excellent choice for most families. Their small stature means they don’t need much space to move around, and since they are not extremely active, they don’t require much exercise.

French Bulldogs are notoriously Entertaining and have engaging personalities

French Bulldogs are fun to be around, as they have a knack for being silly and playful. They are constantly up for a good game and have a way of coming up with antics that will crack you up.

Adult Supervising kid with Frenchie - Top Frenchie Medium
Adult supervision is one way to ensure safety during playtime with a Frenchie

Tips for Creating a Positive Environment for Children and French Bulldogs

Frenchies can be good friends with children when adequately raised together. Establishing boundaries and educating children on proper interaction techniques will help to foster a healthy canine-human friendship. Here are some things to consider:

1.   Early Socialization

Socialization is a critical process in a French Bulldog’s development that involves exposing them to various stimuli and experiences they may encounter as adult dogs. This period takes place within the first three months of their life and can significantly influence their personality and reactions to their surroundings in the future. Gently introduce your Frenchie to diverse people, places, and situations during this time to make a long-lasting, positive impact on their temperament.

2.   Train Your French Bulldog

Proper obedience training is crucial for a healthy relationship between Frenchies and children. A well-trained dog is safer around children and less likely to harm them than an untrained one. Positive reinforcement, consistency, and socialization are the keys to achieving this. The basic commands every dog should learn are heel, sit, stay, and come.

3.   Supervise Playtime

Frenchies enjoy playing with children, but their small stature puts them at risk of injury. Children should be closely watched when playing with a French Bulldog to prevent any unintentional harm to the dog. Teaching children to know when the dog needs a break or wants to be left alone is also crucial.

4.   Establish Boundaries

For children and French Bulldogs to have a positive relationship, there must be boundaries and respect for the dog’s space. It’s important to teach children not to bother the dog, especially when eating, sleeping, or relaxing. Children must also learn to obtain the dog’s permission before taking its toys.

5.   Teach children proper interaction techniques

Children should learn appropriate dog handling behavior, including avoiding startling the dog with rapid movements or yanking on its ears. French Bulldogs, like other breeds, have boundaries that children must learn to respect to guarantee their safety.

Toddler gently petting a French Bulldog - Top Frenchie Medium
It’s important for parents to teach children the proper way to interact with dogs

Recognizing and Addressing Potential Challenges

While French Bulldogs are generally good with children, you may encounter some challenges and must take precautions to prevent potential mishaps. Here are some things to look out for:

●  Stubbornness: Due to their reputation for stubbornness, teaching French Bulldogs to get along with children can be challenging. Frenchies may not always obey commands immediately, but with time and regular training, they will learn to do what you expect. It would be best to use plenty of praise and rewards to motivate Frenchies since they respond strongly to positive reinforcement.

●  High Energy Play: Due to their high activity level and propensity for rough play, French Bulldogs can accidentally hurt children. Therefore, an adult must be present when French Bulldogs play with children to supervise the playtime and step in when necessary to keep everyone safe. It’s also critical to teach kids to refrain from teasing or hitting the dog because it may cause them to become aggressive.

●  Possessive Behaviors: Possessive actions should never be tolerated in Frenchies since they might escalate into aggressiveness. Teaching the “leave it” command is one technique to achieve this. You can use this command to train French Bulldogs to release toys or other objects when requested. Encouraging sharing and pleasant interactions with children, such as getting children to play with the dog using interactive play toys, can also help to prevent bulldogs from being possessive.

Health Considerations for French Bulldogs and Children

Generally, when it comes to owning a pet, allergies among children are a common worry. Although French Bulldogs can safely cohabit with children, they produce allergens that might cause allergic responses in some children.

These allergens are typically present in their saliva, dander, and urine. Therefore, you must take proactive measures such as regular grooming, vacuuming, and barring the dog from some areas of the house to reduce exposure to allergens if you have a child who experiences allergies.


Having a French Bulldog can help create memorable childhood experiences for children. Not only will a Frenchie make a great companion for children, but it will also teach children responsibility and empathy.

While Frenchies are generally not aggressive and get along well with almost everyone, teaching children how to interact with the dog without overstepping their boundaries is essential to guarantee their safety.

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