Review Of Bugalugs Dry Shampoo: For French Bulldogs

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As a Frenchie parent, you don’t want to be bathing your baby all the time but sometimes their coat needs a refresh between washes, this is Louis between bath time routine.

Bugalugs Dry Shampoo - Louis V Approves!
Bugalugs Dry Shampoo – Louis V Approves!

Bugalugs Dry Shampoo is a quick spray and it leaves the coat looking clean and fresh, absorbs grease and dirt and best of all leaves him smelling great.

Louis and I would 100% recommend Bugalugs dry shampoo for all Frenchie parents and their babies. 

Bugalugs Dry Shampoo

9.3 out of 10
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Bugalugs Dry Shampoo is a convenient and effective spray that refreshes French Bulldogs’ coats between washes, removing dirt and grease while leaving a pleasant scent.

Overall Rating
9.3 out of 10

Rating based on our review guidelines & criteria.


Easy to use, quick results

Removes dirt and grease

Leaves a fresh scent


May not be as thorough as a full bath

May not be ideal for Frenchies with very sensitive skin

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