French Bulldog Coat Care: Brushing and Shedding Tips

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Believe it or not, the French Bulldog breed is prized for more than just a reliably sweet and sparkling disposition. The Frenchie’s short, neat coat gives them a dapper appearance pawrents just love.

Not only does French Bulldog brushing and grooming keep your dog looking great, but these necessary tasks are critical to your dog’s overall good health. 

In this short and sweet French Bulldog coat care guide, you will learn invaluable brushing and shedding tips to keep your dog looking and feeling their very best. 

Understanding French Bulldog Coats

Although French Bulldogs are bred in many different coat colors and patterns, nearly all purebred Frenchies will have a short, smooth, single-layer coat type. 

However, there are some important exceptions to be aware of and we will review those here.

Different types of French Bulldog coats and their characteristics

What many Frenchie owners don’t realize is that there are actually three different types of French Bulldog coats.

Short flat single-layer coat. 

These Frenchies have the easiest coat type to brush, groom and maintain. 

Short flat double-layer coat

Many brindle French Bulldogs will have a double layer working dog coat. 

Brindle with Double Layer Working Dog Coat - French Bulldog Coat Care
Brindle with Double Layer Working Dog Coat – French Bulldog Coat Care

Long flat single-layer coat

Frenchies have a recessive gene that codes for a long haircoat. This means French Bulldogs may also have a long flat or “fluffy” coat type.

Fluffy Frenchie Coat - French Bulldog Coat Care
Fluffy Frenchie Coat – French Bulldog Coat Care – Source:

The importance of identifying your French Bulldog’s coat type.

Identifying your Frenchie’s coat type is the first step to mastering French Bulldog coat care. Single and double coated dog breeds can have different shedding patterns and care needs. 

Essential Tools for French Bulldog Coat Care

For a little French Bulldog puppy, getting brushed and groomed can be a pretty scary experience right at first! So you want to make sure you have all the right tools to make French 

French Bulldog brushing and de-shedding a gentle, safe, shared process.

A list of necessary Frenchie grooming tools.

The type of grooming tools you select may be different depending on your Frenchie’s coat type, including length and thickness.

However, the good news is that you will never have to give your French Bulldog a coat trim. 

When it comes to grooming tools, two essential brushing tools are a de-shedding brush and a smoothing brush.

Smoothing Brush: Kong Zoom Groom

For Frenchies with double-layer or long coat types, you may also want to invest in a de-shedding tool like a self-cleaning rake.

How each tool helps maintain your French Bulldog’s coat.

So let’s take a look at each of these staple tools and how to use them.

De-shedding brush.

De-shedding brushes are used to gently remove dead hair from the coat while stimulating the dog’s skin. These brushes come in two basic styles: grooming mitts and round-tip pin brushes. Be sure the type you choose is designed for use with small dogs.

We’ve tested a few different de-shedding brushes and highly recommend the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

4.5 out of 5
de shedding brush Top Frenchie 1

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a grooming tool designed to effectively remove tangles, mats, and loose hair from your French Bulldog’s coat, while also providing a gentle massage.

4.5 out of 5


Self-cleaning mechanism makes it easy to remove hair from the brush after use

Comfortable and non-slip grip handle for easy use

Suitable for all types of coats, including long and short hair<br>Helps improve circulation and distribute natural oils for a healthy coat


May not be suitable for dogs with extremely sensitive skin or those who do not like being brushed

Only comes in purple

Smoothing brush.

A smoothing brush has gentle bristles and is used to put the finishing touches on your Frenchie’s grooming routine, adding body and shine to the coat.

The Kong Zoom Groom massages and grooms at the same time. The soft rubber fingers are a magnet to loose hairs and gently removes them in short strokes. 

The Zoom Groom can be used in between and during bath time to massage the skin, remove shedding hairs, stimulate natural oil production leaving the coat clean and healthy.

Our product reviewers Stacie and Louis V, finds the Zoom Groom really easy to use with it soft grip, it makes brushing and shampooing easy with its wide bristles and its well-made and durable. She has owned hers for a over a year and its still like new. 

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Kong Zoom Groom Review - Top Frenchie
The amount of loose hair it removed in one quick brush
The Kong Zoom Groom in action – Louis V Loves it!

How to Brush Your French Bulldog’s Coat

Now it is time to review the basic steps for French Bulldog coat care.

Step-by-step guide on how to brush your French Bulldog’s coat.

Adult Frenchies typically only need a bath every four to six weeks. This schedule helps preserve valuable moisturizing skin oils that keep your pup’s coat naturally shiny. 

But your dog needs more than just bathing to keep the skin and coat healthy. You can do these steps every few days or as frequently as daily if time permits.

1.     Use the de-shedding brush or rake and work your way through your dog’s coat section by section to remove dead shed hair and stimulate the skin and circulatory system.

2.     Finish up with the smoothing brush of your choice to add sheen and gloss to your Frenchie’s coat.

Then once per week or as your canine veterinarian advises, you can add in these additional healthy grooming tasks.

1.     Clean and examine your Frenchie’s ears.

2.     Trim and smooth your Frenchie’s nails.

3.     Examine and clean your Frenchie’s facial folds, tail pocket and between the paw pads.

Daopper Frenchie French Bulldog Coat Care Top Frenchie
Keeping a regular French Bulldog Coat Care Routine will ensure your Frenchie stays dapper

Techniques to use for different French Bulldog coat types.

If your French Bulldog has a double-layer coat, your coat care duties will include planning for the seasonal shed that many dog owners affectionately call the “coat blow.” 

This event occurs when the warm season arrives. The undercoat sheds out so your dog won’t overheat during the summer months.

During this time, you may want to use the de-shedding rake on your dog daily to control the amount of shed hair that covers your home, car and clothing.

Tips for removing mats and tangles from your Frenchie’s coat.

While some dog breeds can get into serious trouble with tangles and mats, short coat French Bulldogs aren’t one of these breeds. However, fluffy Frenchies can be prone to tangles and mats.

If you find a tangle or mat, start by using a little canine coat detangling spray.

Gently try to work out the mat with your fingers or a detangling comb but do not tug. If you can’t work out the tangle this way, you will need to cut the whole mat out of your dog’s coat with round-tip shears

Shedding Management for French Bulldogs

The best way to keep French Bulldog shedding under control is to brush your dog daily. 

Additionally, you can control shedding to some extent by ensuring your pup is eating a healthy and balanced diet, using a gentle shampoo and not bathing too frequently.

Other French Bulldog Coat Care Tips

Now you know that French Bulldog brushing and coat care is generally quite quick and simple. As long as you stay consistent it really is pretty easy! On that note, here are a few additional insider tips for French Bulldog coat care.

Additional tips and tricks for maintaining your French Bulldog’s coat.

Aiming for a smooth and shiny French Bulldog coat for your little Frenchie? Here’s a handy insider tip from professional Frenchie breeders and groomers: add some fish oil to your dog’s daily diet.

Keep baths to every six weeks or so to avoid stripping out the natural skin oils that get distributed through your dog’s coat. 

Finally, be sure the shampoo you are using is gentle and nourishing. You can also smooth on a bit of canine coat conditioner after a bath.

Recommended Shampoo For French Bulldogs

BUGALUGS Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo Dog Grooming Shampoo - Top Frenchie
BUGALUGS Baby Fresh Dog Shampoo Dog Grooming Shampoo
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo & Conditioner - Top Frenchie
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo & Conditioner
Healthy Breeds French Bulldog Avocado Herbal Dog Shampoo - Top Frenchie
Healthy Breeds French Bulldog Avocado Herbal Dog Shampoo
Healthy Breeds French Bulldog Oatmeal Shampoo - Top Frenchie
Healthy Breeds French Bulldog Oatmeal Shampoo

Advice on when to seek professional grooming services for your Frenchie.

If you still feel tentative after reading through this French Bulldog coat care guide, consider making at least one appointment with a professional dog groomer. 

This allows you to observe how the pros do it and ask questions to boost your confidence.

Wrap Up

With this article in hand, you are now ready to gently introduce your French Bulldog to regular coat care and maintenance. Armed with a gentle touch and plenty of praise and treats, it won’t be long before your Frenchie feels comfortable being brushed and groomed and enjoys it too.

Stacie Ingram and Louis V - Top Frenchie

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Dr. Majid Tanveer

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