Louis V & Dolcie’s French Bulldog Shampoo Review

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Having tried and tested a lot of different shampoos for French Bulldogs, few stand out as prominently as the shampoos we mention in this review.

Diving into this review, I’m here to shed light on how our favourite shampoos for French Bulldogs fare for our beloved Frenchies (Louis V & Dolcie). Rest assured, by the end of this short review, you’ll be well-informed about these products and whether they’re worth trying.

Recommended French Bulldog Shampoos - Top Frenchie
Recommended French Bulldog Shampoos

Bugalugs One in a Million Shampoo not only does it clean, condition and moisturise but it also leaves a luxury distinctive One in a Million fragrance. 

And for Fluffy Frenchie’s like Dolcie we use the Bugalugs One in a Million Detangling Spray after the shampoo to make sure there’s no knots in that beautiful fluff. The detangler also hydrates, conditions, nourishes and repairs the fur for a silky-smooth tangle-free coat.

But for fluffy Frenchie’s we now also love the new Bugalugs 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and detangler because it does everything all in one and leaves a refreshing Raspberry and lemon scent. Plus, its concentrated formula gives up to 20% more washes.

As you can tell we’re all big Bugalugs fans!

Louis V & Dolcie Looking Dapper as ever - Top Frenchie
Louis V & Dolcie Looking Dapper as ever after a grooming session!

Other French Bulldog Shampoos we like

A classic we like is Care Kind Oatmeal Shampoo, as you know our Frenchies often suffer from allergies and as it contains colloidal oatmeal it helps to soothe irritated skin and keep your frenchie’s coat and skin healthy.

Another well-known brand is Pet Head. We personally like the watermelon & shea butter conditioner. Not only is it a knot detangler for those fluffy Frenchie’s but shea butter with its high fat content retains moisture and its anti-inflammatory properties soothe and reduce redness, effectively mitigating itchiness while the watermelon leaves a fresh scent and a lovely silky coat. 

MyselfLouis V and Dolcie would highly recommend all these products to all Frenchie parents and their babies. We hope our French Bulldog Shampoo Review helps other Frenchie parents and their pooches.

Do you have a favourite Shampoo for your French Bulldog? Let us know in the comments below!

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