French Bulldog Exercise: How Much Does Your Frenchie Need?

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French Bulldog Exercise: How Much Does Your Frenchie Need?

If you have ever owned a French Bulldog or thinking about owning one, you would know that your Frenchie will need to exercise for their healthy growth, mental satisfaction, and happiness.

This article will help you understand your French bulldog’s exercise requirements and give you ideas to manage that. Let’s get started.

Daily walk with a Frenchie

Daily walks with an adult Frenchie is recommended

How Much Exercise Do French Bulldogs Need?

Generally speaking, French bulldogs are minimalists when it comes to exercise. A brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes should suffice for your furry friend. However, no two Frenchies are alike. Activity requirements can vary according to factors like age, underlying conditions, weight, etc. These will determine how much activity is good or bad for your canine companion.

There are a lot of things that need to be clarified about the exercise requirements of French bulldogs. This breed is notorious for being lazy, low-energy, and sleepy. It may be true for some dogs, and they may be couch potatoes, but the whole breed cannot be labeled so.

Couch Potato Frenchie
Frenchies are notoriously lazy

A French bulldog may sleep for the better part of the time, but when awake, they are furry energy balls, active and ready for adventure. French bulldogs, like all other small dog breeds, require less exercise than shepherds and other dogs.

Daily Exercise Recommendations

Here is a detailed explanation to help you understand the growth stage of your furry fellow and help adjust exercise accordingly.

French Bulldog Puppy Exercise Needs

If you own a French bulldog pup, you should not be much concerned about a daily walk regime for your little Frenchie. It is not even recommended to take them on a daily walk when they are so young. Give him a free hand to run and play as much as he likes. 

Bones and muscles develop at the puppy stage, and excessive pressure on them can cause deformities. Additionally, under 3 months of age, it can be risky to take them out because they are unvaccinated and may contract infectious diseases.

Adult French Bulldog Exercise Needs

As the pups grow, their exercise requirement also increases. As a thumb rule, add 2 minutes of exercise for every month of age. For example, if your dog is three months old, it would need 6 minutes of exercise. Keep on increasing the exercise increment time as they age but always be on guard for signs of exhaustion and fatigue and stop immediately if they appear. 

Senior French Bulldog Exercise Needs

Senior dogs do not need much exercise as their energy levels start to decrease, and they may like to spend most of their time dozing off. The immune system weakens, and wear, and tear of joints and muscles requires that they do minimum exercise.

Underlying diseases and conditions like Asthma, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and surgeries in the past can also define how much exercise your senior French bulldog will need. Work closely with your veterinarian to develop the limitations of the activity of your senior dog.

French Bulldog Breathing Problems Top Frenchie 2

Pay close attention to French Bulldog panting while exercising in hot weather

Seasonal And Weather Considerations

Consider the season and weather when exercising or walking your furry friend. French bulldogs have flat faces and suffer from limited ventilation and breathing capability. They can overheat easily, and their inability to dispense heat can cause a medical emergency. 

Limit the exercise or avoid it if conditions are unsuitable, like increased humidity and hot or cold temperatures. Try to walk them in the cooler part of the day, like early morning or late evening, it is more convenient for your dog to stroll at these times.

Monitoring Exercise Intensity

Frenchies are low-energy dogs and happy to live with minimal or without exercise or walks. In fact, they are designed so. That is why a rigorous exercise routine or long walks may cause irreversible damage. They can literally die of exhaustion as their airways can fail to oxygenate them properly.
When taking them out for a stroll or exercise, keep that in mind and often look if they are exhausted or tired. Some pooches may be so excited they may not want to stop, but they do not know what is good or bad for them, and you must ask them to rest or stop

Types Of French Bulldogs Exercise

French bulldogs thrive best on minimalist exercise routines. While the other dog breeds love to hop and run, Frenchies enjoy graceful walks. A leisurely stroll with their owner around the block gives them enough stretching and social interaction to keep them happy.

On some days playing with your furry friend in your backyard can also be a good option for developing a positive relationship with your friend. A good game of fetch or find has no replacement for dogs. Your dog would be very glad to help you find or fetch your “lost” object.

Indoor Exercise Options

Frenchies are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, and if playing outside is not an option, you can indulge your dog in interactive activities indoors. Playing with toys and teaching them tricks or obedience training is a good way to spend quality time with your canine baby. 

However, choose the right toys for the age and breed of your dog to avoid any mishappening.

French Bulldog Exercise Safety And Precautions

No matter how much you and your French bulldog love to play and go on walks, some limitations must be considered for the well-being of your pet. Being aware of these can ensure a healthy lifestyle and years of happiness together.

Recognizing Overexertion

Like all brachycephalic breeds, French bulldogs are more prone to breathing problems. Their capacity to oxygenate themselves is compromised, and if they play too much or run, their oxygenation capacity may be run over by increased requirements, sending them into fatal shock.

In dogs, dissipation of heat is through panting, and the flat face of French bulldogs also limits their capability to cool themselves down effectively. That is why they are more prone to heat stress. Avoid overexertion and fatigue in your furry companion at all costs. Here is how you can recognize that he is exhausted:

  • Rapid panting
  • Bulging out of eyes
  • Rapid chest movements
  • Laying down
Safe Water Play for Frenchies
Water Play can be an effective way for French Bulldog Exercise

Swimming And Water Play

French bulldogs are a front-heavy dog breed which means their body is not well proportionate for effectively swimming. It is further complicated by their tiny nostrils and reduced breathing ability. It is not a good idea for them to swim.

Joint Health And Injury Prevention

Frenchies are one of the breeds that have a high incidence rate of joint health issues, deformities, and hip dysplasia. Excessive playtime and exercise can cause more wear and tear of joints resulting in these problems. It is advisable to keep the activity minimal to avoid such situations.

Veterinary Checkups And Monitoring

Good coordination and regular checkups by your veterinarian will keep you updated about the exact health status of your pet. With the help of the veterinarian, you can manage the exercise routine of your dog according to its requirement.

Your Vet can advise you to bring down or increase the activity level specifically to address your Frenchie’s needs. Moreover, a thorough check-up can ensure the health of your dog and help diagnose issues at the start, which ensures his well-being.

Encouraging An Active Lifestyle For Your French Bulldog

Instead of having a rigorous workout some days, have a consistent, easy exercise routine that you follow on a daily basis. Some pet parents do not consider the importance of establishing a consistent routine and focus on physical activity only when they encounter issues like obesity or boredom in their dog.

Such malpractice can not only adversely affect the health of your dog, but he may also develop vices like furniture biting. Ideally, all family members should give time to their furry family member and play with him. These things may appear tiny, but they have a much larger impact on the health of your French bulldog.

Finding Support And Resources

When you focus on the physical health and exercise of your pet, you must also consider their mental health. French bulldogs are social and intelligent dogs. Activities like going to pet parks or a new place are enjoyed by your furry friend, so keep your friend happy and excited with little adventures.


To sum up, physical activity is required to keep your French bulldog mentally and physically healthy, but you must consider the limitations of the breed and support them accordingly. Encourage a consistently healthy lifestyle according to the individual needs of your pet, and be aware of problems you may face.

With adequate knowledge about the health of your furry friend, engage in positive interactive activities that strengthen the pet-parent bond and ensure your companion’s well-being.

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